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A Brief Message About Messages

Throughout my career, I have tried to read and listen to every message I receive – and to return them. This is because I want to hear what people have to say, and I have found that the best stories or issues in need of investigation often start not from Inside the Beltway, near Wall Street, or among Big Obvious Players. I’ve often heard from individuals in positions of some or little power who have something important to share. It may be an opinion, a suggestion, a personal story – or, sometimes, an important lead or story idea.

What do you know that others should know? What do you suspect? What truths are being missed by the media and the masses? Did any of my stories miss the mark? Perhaps you just have a good question nobody else seems to be asking – or answering. I learn from listening.

Or do you need the skills I offer? Washington experience, inside sources, investigative capabilities? Writing, editing, content development? The gifts of communication, persuasion and investigation can be a powerful combination. I know how to effectively share what I learn.

Whatever it is, please contact me.

Alas, back in the days of snail mail and voice recording equipment limited to a finite number of calls, responding to messages was a simpler task – or at least less overwhelming. So please understand if it takes me awhile to get back in touch. But I will.

— Keith