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Why Insurers are Winning

unitedhealthstevensHow the big U.S. insurers shape health reform (BusinessWeek)

No Bush Left Behind

neilbushmicroPresidential brother makes hay from education reform (BusinessWeek)

Philanthropy Inc.

philanthropymicroHow corporate donors enhance their bottom line (Stanford Social Innovation Review)

‘Used Our Kids as Guinea Pigs’

U.S. conducts, pays for experiments on unsuspecting Americans

standingrocksakageweaThe letter from school said nothing about a medical experiment (The Plain Dealer)

F-14 Parts, Anyone?

F14microHow Iran obtains sensitive weapons — from the U.S. (BusinessWeek)

Can U.S. Afford to Insure All?

Escalating costs, budget shortfalls, rising needs could overwhelm health-care system

380238 09_kidHealth coverage for more Americans – is it even feasible? An analysis in Congressional Quarterly

The Lariam Files

lariammicroxWhy didn’t patients know of popular drug’s devastating effects? (Washington Post)

Toxic Taxes

hewittObama tax credits are good for preparers  — and a likely stimulus for fraud. (BusinessWeek)

A Mystery Of War

walkingwoundedmicroA perplexing rehab for wartime’s many “walking wounded”  (Tampa Tribune)

Storm Clouds Over Connie

conniemicroPills, rape, a psych ward: The troubles of singer Connie Francis. (The Miami Herald)