Harnessing Purity and Pragmatism

Closer to business, nonprofits struggle with their ideals

As walls between nonprofit and corporate worlds crumble, organizations wonder: Do we stick to our activist guns – or do we cross the divide and work with business? Both pure and pragmatic strategies exact their costs. (Stanford Social Innovation Review)

Slipping Towards Oblivion

While the world focuses on war and politics, hundreds of endangered species slip toward oblivion – some slowly, some quickly – under an advancing human tide and restrained government agencies. (Media General/Tampa Tribune)

The Other War

Iraq overshadows dismantled environmental protection

Conservationists accuse the Bush administration of using the war on terrorism to divert public attention from the systematic dismantling of protections of the nation’s air, water and wild spaces.  In some instances, they’re right. (Tampa Tribune/Media General)

Fortune Under the Desert

Mining company benefits from government bargain

Sagebrush everywhere: It doesn’t look like much. But big business profits from bargain-basement leases on such desert land. (Newhouse News Service)

Climb a Mountain – and Find a Crowd

mountrainiermicroWhen Robert Gries ascended 14,411-foot Mount Rainier for a bit of crevasse training and ice-wall climbing, he wasn’t alone. More than 100 other climbers made it to the top that day. Even America’s wilderness is getting crowded. (Newhouse News Service)