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Published Precision vs. Profits, an investigation for Discover Magazine on costly prostate treatments of marginal benefit to thousands of men.

Profiting From Recession, Payday Lenders Spend Big to Fight Regulation

Industry Steps Up Lobbying as Senate Grapples With Financial Reform

The influential $42 billion-a-year payday lending industry, thriving from a surge in emergency loans to people struggling through the recession, is pouring record sums into lobbying, campaign contributions, and public relations – and getting results.

No Bush Left Behind

neilbushmicroPresidential brother makes hay from education reform (BusinessWeek)

Home Wreckers

How bank lobbyists undermine homeowner rescue efforts

foreclosureEven as foreclosures surged, banking industry lobbyists undermined attempts to keep people in their homes. Big banks and their advocates in Washington delayed, diluted and obstructed attempts to address the problem. Industry lobbyists are still at it today, working overtime to whittle down legislative remedies, buy time and thwart regulation.(BusinessWeek)

Philanthropy Inc.

philanthropymicroHow corporate donors enhance their bottom line (Stanford Social Innovation Review)

Universal Health Insurance: Not a Cure-All

Reform may offer less benefit to minorities and the poor

Many assume disadvantaged minorities, who make up most of the uninsured, would substantially benefit from universal coverage and health reform. Yet studies show better care frequently fails to improve the health of minorities, the poor or the lesser educated. (Congressional Quarterly Researcher)

Recurring Quest for Health Reform: First Enthusiasm, Then Failure

The usual beneficiaries? Only some of us.

Every 15 years or so, health reform arouses great enthusiasm, only to fail spectacularly. Sometimes, specific populations — the elderly, the disabled, low-income children – have benefited. Universal coverage? Elusive as the Holy Grail. (Congressional Quarterly Researcher)

Can U.S. Afford to Insure All?

Escalating costs, budget shortfalls, rising needs could overwhelm health-care system

380238 09_kidHealth coverage for more Americans – is it even feasible? An analysis in Congressional Quarterly

Toxic Taxes

hewittObama tax credits are good for preparers  — and a likely stimulus for fraud. (BusinessWeek)

The Poverty Business

The drive to extract corporate profits from the poor

Photo by Sara StrathasRoxanne Tsosie was able to find a job and a car because greater access to credit has put many goods within reach of the working poor. Tsosie hoped it would help her achieve self-sufficiency. But zealous companies have new ways to lure unsophisticated shoppers into a thicket of debt. Furor over mortgages? That was only part of the larger story of the explosion in subprime credit. (BusinessWeek)

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