AppearancesModerator 2011.11.10

Appeared at the Paley Center on the Anatomy of an Investigation

Appearances 2011.04.18

Interviewed by American Journalism Review on investigative reporting’s digital transformation

Appearances 2011.01.03

Engineered merger of Huffington Post Investigative Fund with Center for Public Integrity

Appearances 2010.03.20

Named executive editor of the Huffington Post Investigative Fund, an independent nonprofit investigative reporting newsroom

TV 2010.03.02

Appeared on MSNBC to discuss how payday lenders, profiting in recession, spend big to resist regulationApp

EventsTV 2009.09.18

Appeared in documentary on cyber spying at International Spy Museum

TV 2009.09.16

Appeared on Fox TV discussing new bids by Boeing and EADS to build Air Force tanker

TV 2009.08.10

Appeared on CSPAN’s Washington Journal discussing health reform

Moderator 2009.07.28

Moderated Black Hat conference discussion with 70 execs on securing mobile devices & the cloud

TV 2009.07.08

Appeared on PBS TV’s “World Focus” discussing suspected North Korean cyber attacks

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